Why invest in infrastructure when you can invest in your core business?

Four reasons to help you focus on your core business:

Lower Investment Costs

Companies locating to the Charleston International Manufacturing Center have saved up to 20% of capital investment through utilization of existing infrastructure.

Reliable Power

Dual Feed Power from Dominion Energy South Carolina provides the reliability and loads required by the most complex industrial processes.

Technical Workforce

South Carolina provides customized training for new and expanding businesses and industry through a world class technical college system.

Intermodal Access

Water, Rail and Truck access provide companies at CIMC a broad range of transportation options.

A Full-Service Industrial Park with a Rich History & Convenient Location

Charleston International Manufacturing Center is a 1750 acre site with deep water access and 500 acres of developable land including shovel ready lots. The site offers existing infrastructure including steam, nitrogen, compressed air, processed water, waste water treatment etc. We are conveniently located near two major interstates, rail access and the Port of Charleston so your business can hit the ground running.

Our Industrial Park Offerings

Why invest in infrastructure when you can invest in your core business? At the Charleston International Manufacturing Center (CIMC), we offer a wide range of industrial services to our partner companies so they can focus on their core business competencies rather than the contributory functions required to manufacture their products. Offerings of industrial services for partner companies include all the necessary components to allow you to do what you do best: make your products safely and efficiently. Take a look below to discover what services are offered.

Saturated Steam  is generated in four package boilers with a total installed capacity of 460,000 lb/hr and a practical capacity of 270,000 lb/hr.

Electricity is provided by Dominion through a single 115 KV transmission line with two substations feeding the line and automatic breaker reclosing systems that are used if a problem occurs.

Compressed Air system that has eight air compressors with their associated filters and coolers, five air dryers, one volume tank, a priority valve system, and the distribution piping.

Process Water system consists of a river pumping station, a treatment plant, an elevated water tower, and the distribution piping.

Nitrogen system includes bulk liquid nitrogen storage tanks with atmospheric/steam evaporators sufficient to meet plant demand during power outages and maintenance.

Refrigeration system supplies anhydrous ammonia to various locations throughout the site. The system consists of three compressors providing a total cooling capacity of 1,500 tons.

Wastewater Treatment Tower Biology system is an above-ground aerobic, activated sludge treatment system consisting of equalization, neutralization, primary treatment, biological treatment, and sludge dewatering.

Stormwater Management collection system located within two drainage areas. Each of the drainage areas has associated holding ponds and outfalls.

Security – a six-foot chain link fence protects CIMC’s perimeter. CIMC carefully controls site access is through manned gates, and camera-monitored, card-controlled employee gates.

Medical Services with a fully-equipped infirmary and an ambulance on-site. Trauma kits are maintained throughout the facility.

Emergency Response site-wide emergency phone extension, emergency radio system with a dedicated emergency channel (CH 1), and plant alarm and emergency public address (PA) system.

Onsite Maintenance team has robust experience and skillsets to respond to your maintenance requirements.

Storeroom Services maintains parts, safety gear and other items in inventory so you do not have to.

Two Onsite Cafeterias serve breakfast and lunch at a reasonable price and good quality with a 21-day rotating menu.

Industrial Properties Near Charleston, South Carolina

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